frequently asked questions

  • How is pricing based for the KPMG component?

    Scope and complexity of functional modeling and requirements coupled with integration requirements will determine KPMG implementation costs. Fees are based on estimated level of effort (time) in either a fixed fee or time & materials basis.

  • How is it Licensed in ServiceNow

    KPMG OnBoard requires a CreateNow license and fulfillers for those that complete work.

  • Is it a front end only or a platform application on SN?

    It is a platform application. The new UI leverages the CMS but makes JSON calls to interface with the backend.

  • Is built to exclusively work with ServiceNow?

    It is designed to leverage the ServiceNow platform currently.

  • What additional capabilities are on the roadmap for other HR processes?

    We are targeting to include offboarding, multiple worker types (contingent, temp, seasonal, etc.) and are also planning on KPMG OnBoard to serve as the central hub/unified interface for other HR stages to support the employee lifecycle.

  • Is the functional work necessary or can a client do that themselves?

    Yes. This is a services based solution supported by innovative technology. Functional design is the initial phase which will optimize the onboarding process and related forms/tasks/activities while also developing requirements for the solution build.

  • How long does an implementation typically take?

    Each client implementation will be specific to its unique environment and requirements, but a typical implementation will take approximately 6 months.

  • Can I schedule a live demo with a client?

    We are able to conduct a live demo with qualified clients/prospects. Please work with the KPMG team to qualify and plan prior to scheduling a client demo.

  • Who should I schedule a live client demo with from the KPMG team?

    Submit the request through the microsite to schedule a demo.

  • Can it support multiple languages? If so, what languages?

    Currently it supports US English, but multiple language support is planned based on client demand.

  • Do you have any material we can use for clients/prospects?

    Available and approved market facing sales collateral is available on the microsite.

  • Will EOB be a store-available application without services required to implement?

    KPMG OnBoard will not be a SN store-available application as it requires unique client configuration based on functional requirements that will be defined as an initial implementation phase.

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