At KPMG, we’ve created an employee onboarding solution developed directly out of the expertise we bring to clients every day. KPMG OnBoard offers a new perspective on an age-old problem: how to make sure new hires enter your business feeling confident, inspired and fully prepared to add value from day one.

Our state-of-the-art, digital solution has the potential to make a significant impact on your business. KPMG OnBoard gives you the flexibility to build the features your business needs, enabling you to engage, connect and empower new hires from the beginning. It reflects the way people interact digitally, helping you build relationships with new hires, from the day they get an offer through to their first three months on the job.

KPMG OnBoard works across three different work streams - new hires, HR professionals and hiring managers - providing transparency and connectivity among all stakeholders in the onboarding process.

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The KPMG OnBoard Experience

KPMG OnBoard connects everyone involved in the process - from HR professionals and hiring managers to the new hires themselves - encouraging communication and enabling early productivity. KPMG OnBoard also uses an industry best practice, responsive web solution, ensuring a consistent experience regardless of device.

Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth - a new hire - is excited about her new career but feels overwhelmed by the onboarding process.

Preparing for Day One

KPMG OnBoard is flexible, adjusting to your business needs and features an intuitive dashboard that new hires can easily navigate. Whether Elizabeth is watching a welcome message from the CEO, getting to know her team, or organizing her induction activities, KPMG OnBoard allows Elizabeth to prepare for the beginning of her new career. By relieving potential anxieties and giving employees the tools they need to excel, you can instill a sense of confidence in your business – and their role in it.

Meet Henry

Henry – an HR professional – knows the onboarding process can be improved, but isn’t sure how to enhance the way he manages all of the new hires.

Making a Connection

HR representatives like Henry have a clean, informative dashboard to monitor onboarding for new hires. From at-a-glance updates to a critical information stream, this flexible and interactive tool can be adjusted to match the needs of your processes and tasks. This solution streamlines a once-painful process, offering a convenient way to stay in touch and interact with new hires, keeping the employee experience a top priority.

Meet Hillary

Hillary – a hiring manager – wants to stay connected with the onboarding process and her new team member, even after an offer is extended.

Getting the Details

Hiring managers can often feel disconnected from the process once the offer letter is signed. KPMG OnBoard’s easy-to-use dashboard provides the information and ownership that managers crave, creating transparency and awareness across departments. It also offers a pipeline of new hires, helping hiring managers like Hillary to keep a realistic view of the onboarding timeline and allowing them to remain a part of the process.

Features and Benefits

Leveraging ServiceNow

KPMG OnBoard leverages the ServiceNow enterprise service delivery platform to easily enable workflows, approvals and integrations. This allows current ServiceNow clients to maximize their existing investment in this leading platform, delivering a unique employee onboarding experience. Click here to learn more about KPMG’s strategic alliance with ServiceNow.

Modern Design for the Mobile Workplace

KPMG OnBoard is mobile-enabled with a modern, responsive interface. All tasks, social connections and data visualizations are designed to alleviate anxiety around starting a new position. This empathy-driven approach leverages behavioral research, with realworld insight to deliver an onboarding solution that works.

Integration with Existing Systems and Third Parties

KPMG OnBoard is capable of integrating with your existing enterprise systems linking HR, talent management, facilities, IT and others, to provide a connection for the transfer of data and tasks.

Compliance and Security Controls

This solution gives organizations the ability to facilitate electronic acknowledgement and authorization, which is required for numerous tasks. It also has the flexibility to support multiple user profiles and their respective security privileges.

Connecting Silos

This solution provides a unified view through which new employees, HR professionals and hiring mangers can see the progress and status of multiple siloed onboarding tasks and activities. This visibility and transparency into the end-to-end onboarding process ensures all activities happen as they should and new employees have a positive and successful onboarding experience.
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